Opium Tincture 10mg/Ml

//Opium Tincture 10mg/Ml


Opium Tincture 10mg/ml

Opium Tincture 10mg/ml  is a solution or combination of opium and alcohol. Almost 10% of the opium substance is mixed with the alcohol in order to make an opium tincture which can be used for the treatment of various medical conditions such as pain and cough. Laudanum has a rich history as the references of the drug are found ranging as back as in the 17th Century. It was then a common knowledge that the opium substance is more soluble in alcohol as compared to water. It used to be sold without a prescription until the late 19th century when the addictive nature of the drug was discovered. It is now listed as a scheduled and controlled substance in most parts of the world.

Opium tincture USP

Opium tincture USP is a reddish brown in color while the taste of the drug is bitter in nature. The drug can be administered by oral means. When the drug is taken it is absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract. After the absorption, the metabolism process of the drug starts due to which the effects of the drug are produced.

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1 Bottle / 4Floz (118 ML), 2 Bottles / 4Floz (118 ML), 1 Bottle / 16Floz (473 ML), 2 Bottles / 16Floz (473 ML)


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